The mission of the Plymouth High School and Shiloh Middle School Athletic Department is to prepare our student-athletes for productive careers, active and responsible citizenship and life-long learning.  The Athletic Department emphasizes personal development, professional preparation and attainment of a high school diploma.  The Athletic Department seeks to comply with the intent and letter of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Plymouth-Shiloh Board of Education rules and regulations as well as field teams and individuals that are competitive yet exude sportsmanship.


         Plymouth High School and Shiloh Middle School offers the following interscholastic athletic programs:  Baseball, Basketball, (Boys & Girls), Cheerleading (Fall & Winter), Cross Country (Boys & Girls), Football, Golf, Softball, Track (Boys & Girls), Volleyball and Wrestling.  These sports are being offered based on the assumption that student participation and off season requirements are met.


         All students are encouraged to participate in interscholastic athletics.   Athletics provide students with the opportunity to learn the value of physical conditioning, guidelines and rules within each sport, an arduous work ethic, positive sportsmanship, self-control and achievement.


         Eligibility for participation in grades 9-12:   A student must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in school the immediately preceding grading period.  During the preceding grading period, the student must have received passing grades in a minimum of five (5) one-credit courses or the equivalent, which counts toward graduation (OHSAA bylaw 4-4-1). Additionally, students are to maintain a 1.5 grade point average during each grading period.


         A PHS student may receive one “F” in the previous grading period and continue to participate in interscholastic athletics, provided the

    student attends a weekly study table.  A PHS student who receives two “F’s” in the previous grading period shall not be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics.

         Plymouth High School and Middle School athletes are subject to the provisions of the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools’ Athletic Handbook.  Every participant, accompanied by their parent, or guardian, shall be provided with a handbook at a mandatory meeting which is held prior to the start of each sport season.  Until this obligation is met, student athletes will be denied participation.  District and individual sports expectations will be provided by the athletic department and its coaches.

Last Modified on July 7, 2014