• 2013-2014
    A  non-profit organization, the Viking Academic Booster Club (VABC) was established in 1986 and is dedicated to the enrichment of students in the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools.
    VABC'S 2012-2013
    During the past year, the Viking Academic Booster Club was proud to be able to:
    *Present over 20,000$ in Scholarships to class of 2013 graduates
    *Continue the ACE program
    *Held an Academic Awards Ceremony at the High School to recognize outstanding students. Provide awards & certificates for Middle School awards program
    *Provided "Welcome-Back" pencils to each district student on the first day of school
    *Continued Improving Student Incentive" program
    *Raised money by sponsoring the 50.50 drawing at boy's basketball games.
    *Financially Supported the "Shiloh Elementary Character Carnival", National Honor Society's "Appreciation Evening" for adults who have impacted students' lives, and two students for recycling seminar
    *Completed a successful membership drive
Last Modified on October 9, 2013